Social Media

Lost in the ever evolving world of social media? Should your company be on Pinterest? Instagram? Does Facebook advertising work? Is blogging necessary?

Social media is one of the most misunderstood tools of marketing. There’s more to it than just “creating buzz.” We not only know the tools but we also know how and when to use those tools to reach your audience.


How can you stretch your ad dollars? Should you focus on only print or thinly spread your resources across multiple platforms? Are you negotiating the best price?

Advertising has gotten blurred with advertorials, mobile apps, and Internet ads. We negotiate the best ad buys and push for value ads by thinking creatively. We also sort through all the clutter bombarded on you by sales reps.

Public Relations

Aren’t sure how to get an article in the news? Don’t know how to qualify media? Need a press release?

We are pros at understanding media relations. And we have the qualified contacts to get your company mentioned in the right outlets. We can also create campaigns, grand openings, and special events to showcase your business.

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